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Search engines are popularity contests of who likes your site. You can like or "link" to any site you want but that does not make your site popular. If your site is truly popular, all types of websites will "link" to your site. is a One Stop Shop to gain links from many types of websites resulting in higher search engine rankings. There are so many different types of websites that can link to you. How do you choose? Let's discuss the major types of Links:

Directory Submissions- Directories are reference websites that function like Yellow Pages. Search Engines monitor these reference sites, so your site should be on them!

Social Media - If Facebook Likes, Google PlusOnes, YouTube, Twitter are talking about a site, the search engines are paying attention, and so should you!

Forum Posts - Forums are websites whose members discuss topics related to the site. Are they talking about your site? They will be when you visit this section!

Content Writing - Do you have a great product but no one knows? Write About it, or better, have SubmitLinks write a great article!

Article Marketing - Do you have a great article but need to distribute to other sites? This is your section! In fact we can write and distribute here!

Social Bookmarking - Most social sites have a way to save and share their Favorite Sites. Sounds like a great way to help internet users remember your site!

Local Business Listings - One of the fastest ways to get your business recognized locally!

Press Releases - Search Engines love News Stories. If your site has new features, products, or discounts - get that scoop to the press in this section!

Word Press - Word Press is the most popular web template to build websites. We have access to a huge inventory of sites to place link and so do you!

If you are not sure what kind of links you need, look for our suggestion LOGOS based on the scope of the audience your site is trying to reach: Local, Statewide, National, or International. If you want the lazy, quick, and very effective way to incorporate all the links, then try one of our SubmitLinks SEO Packages.

We hope that you have a great SubmitLinks experience and we look forward to seeing your site at the top of a search engine soon!

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